Setting up Visible in your area?

Top tips from Leeds ……

Adult survivors of child sexual abuse (ASCSA) are critical to the work being authentic and having powerful impact.

ASCSA need to be well supported with dedicated resource.

  • Leeds Involving People’s expertise in involvement supports a Leadership Reference Group which shapes the work and whose members influence all delivery

Secure the support / initial leadership of a local influencer

  • In Leeds this was the strategic mental health commissioner, then a council commissioner and mental health commissioner

Fundraise for start-up money

  • NHS Clinical Care Group supported Visible with funds for an initial one-day workshop and the first year pilot.

Hold a half-day or one-day workshop to bring together interested parties.

Establish a Strategic Steering Group including large statutory bodies and organisations with interest, influence and expertise, plus specialised small and vital voluntary sector agencies

  • Having the backing of a single influential individual has helped us get the right people engaged
  • Visible Leeds’ partners

Look for piggy backing opportunities. Including reference to ASCSA in any and all city-wide initiatives, strategies, policies, needs assessments adds value

Engage large service providers. These organisations have contact with significant proportions of citizens including those near or in crisis.

Engage organisations with large workforce. Given prevalence figures these organisations are likely to have significant numbers of ASCSA in their staff

  • The Local Authority, NHS Trusts, Police, business

Provide resources that equip all staff / all organisations to make improvements within limited resources in the context of high demand / stretched services.


  • We made short presentations with facilitator notes that can be delivered on team meetings with minimal preparation but which have a big impact. Promote the eight-minute DVD, a very powerful story. All the resources on the Visible website are open source if you would like Word or PP copies (rather than pdf) please contact us.


Visible is funded by Lloyds Bank Foundation England & Wales and NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group



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